Returning at the End of Summer

So, once more I’ve been MIA (health issues, family issues, COVID in general issues). But I’ve returned. I’m sorry for those I did not get to respond to in terms of adopting crabs.

Yes, I am still taking in crabs. Especially end of summer when people are getting ready to return to school and/or realizing hermit crabs require more work and investment for their set ups.

I don’t purchase crabs when they are adopted or rehomed to me – I have plenty of crab material and enclosures to house my own crab army! But I will take free material and even allocate some stuff to other crab owners in need.

I live in Wilmington, DE and travel up to 3 hours away for my crab cause.

Please remember – don’t purchase hermit crabs and then attempt to release them back into the wild. Even if the weather is permitting, they most likely were not harvested in the area you’re trying to release them into, this means they may not be compatible with the weather. This also means they could be invasive and compete with other species in the area. It also means they could bring diseases to an area. Even if you could pinpoint where the crab was harvested from, they may have picked up a disease along the way. Many crabs are forced out of their shells and placed into painted shells, or are painted while in their shells – this paint is often toxic and releasing a painted hermit crab is bad for the environment.

There is a great deal of wrong information out there on keeping hermit crabs as pets. People often think they’re cheap and easy and rely on those selling them to give them correct information. Truth is, most selling them don’t know the correct information. They use out of date information that is -very- wrong. It’s understandable in this situation that people want to rehome their crabs to more experienced owners.

HCA: Hermit Crab Association has an entire section devoted to helping people find adopters in their area. Please visit if you need to rehome your Hermit Crabs. Or just visit to learn more about proper Hermit Crab care and meet some awesome people!

Published by Crab Maid

Marine Biology student with interest in coral restoration, cephalopods, decapods, and much more!

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