Busy, busy, busy….!!!

So my silence has been due to classes starting, surgery, medical procedures, homework, cleaning, volunteering, and rescuing. @_@!! Oh my!

I’ve added four new crabs to my colony. Not directly yet, they have to pass quarantine first. I got to say though, hard boiled eggs with the shell on and crushed up = a universal favorite with crabs. And isopods…my orange isopods are flourishing.

The newest addition to my hermit crabs is huge compared to the rest. He looks to be interested in exchanging his painted shell for a natural look. I’m nearing my limit for my tank, I’ll have to start a new one if I keep taking in rescues.

I’m hoping to get my camera up and running soon. I should have done it months ago, but I got side tracked. Anyway, I discovered a text art hermit crab. ^_^

…//(  00 )\….. 

Published by Crab Maid

Marine Biology student with interest in coral restoration, cephalopods, decapods, and much more!

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