The Crab Maid

Hello, I feel I should do an introductory post. My name is Liz and I’m a maid to seven hermit crabs! I’m a marine biology student who is fascinated by coral, cephalopods, decapods, etc. Since getting into keeping Hermit Crabs I noticed a lot of misinformation floating around. And with summer 2019 here lots of new Hermit Crab keepers are going to pop up since Hermit Crabs are “summer fad pets.” Stores try to sell them cheaply with a lot of incorrect information. People buy them up thinking they’ll live a few months or a few years – but the truth is that proper care can make a Hermit Crab live for decades! So if you’re interested in my little side bit, feel free to subscribe and read on. 🙂

Say hello to the three Amigos that started it all.

Published by Crab Maid

Marine Biology student with interest in coral restoration, cephalopods, decapods, and much more!

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